The Center for Technology & Training (CTT) is a research center housed at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan Technological University. The CTT works with local road agencies, the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration and other transportation-related organizations to build, maintain and manage public infrastructure.

We accomplish this through:


Online Training

Annual Conferences

CTT Projects


An integrated roadway asset management software suite for the
analysis and reporting of roadway inventory by local road agencies.


Bridging the gap between research and practice through
training and services.

Bridge Load Rating

Technical assistance for AASHTOWare Bridge Rating software and
ratings on Michigan bridges.


A project and job management software suite used by
local agencies and their contractors.


Assisting rural and tribal governments to minimize environmental
impacts through infrastructure management and finance education.

CTT Portal

In support of the CTT’s software related products, the development of the CTT customer portal makes our applications readily available to our customers in an easy to use web interface. No downloads, no installations, and no hassles!

The CTT Portal applications:

MERL Web Estimator

Convieniently plan, draft, and deploy road and bridge
project estimates with the MERL Payment Estimator.


Access to weather station data combined with thaw-weakening calculations and
analyses supporting accurate and consistent roadway load restriction assessments.